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Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Distance Mentors (English and French speaking)

Job Description


As the Rudolf Steiner College Canada Foundations in Anthroposophy distance course expands, qualified new mentors are required in an on-going way to meet the demand for this adult development course that also serves as the pre-requisite for further Waldorf teacher training.

About RSCC

Rudolf Steiner College Canada (RSCC) facilitates cultural renewal out of the transformative resources of anthroposophy. RSCC was founded in 1981 inspired by a question: “What can be done to answer the need for increased spiritual understanding in a world of escalating materialism?” In response to this question, RSCC offers workshops and courses in Waldorf Teacher Education, Remedial Education, Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture and the Arts. Over three decades, RSCT has steadily grown into one of the leading Waldorf teacher education centres in Canada offering a wide variety of courses and services to support healthy adult learning and the development of the Waldorf school movement across Canada. Here research into the spiritual nature of the human being brings practical insights for work, play and community. For more on RSCC see www.rscc.ca.

Organization Structure and Reporting Relationships

The Foundations in Anthroposophy Distance Mentor is hired by, and reports to, the Program Director of Foundations in Anthroposophy distance program, who will offer on-going support and training.

Key Areas of Responsibility

The Foundations in Anthroposophy Distance Mentor course is conducted at the graduate level in an adult education format. Students are drawn from many countries but are required to read and write proficiently in English.

The work is offered to students through hour-long, one-on-one Skype sessions covering concepts found in Rudolf Steiner’s basic books as well as those other outstanding contributors to the field.

The Foundations in Anthroposophy Distance Mentor is responsible for:

  • Delivering Part 1 of the course consisting of 12 mentored sessions and Part 2 consisting of 20 hours of mentored sessions
  • Assigning 3 hours of homework assignments per session combining readings, artistic work, and exercises
  • Overseeing a final research paper to be completed before certification

The format allows for customization of the work for each student and for the creative methodologies and areas of expertise of each mentor.

Mentors are assigned to students based on the best match with regard to level and type of experience, and goals of the student.


  • Extensive knowledge and commitment to Steiner’s anthroposophical principles is essential
  • Experience in working out of these principles in Waldorf Education or other relevant fields is seen as most helpful.
  • Teaching experience at the adult level would also be an asset.
  • As the course expands, those mentors able to speak fluently at this level in a second language in addition to English would be most welcomed to apply.

Other Position Details

Salary: $50 per session

To Apply

Please forward a resume and cover letter showing relevant experience and assets and reasons for wishing to begin this work to the Rudolf Steiner College Canada at info@rscc.ca

Thank you to all who apply. Those under consideration will be contacted for a formal interview and training. If you have questions, please direct these to Les Black at lesblack45@yahoo.ca

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