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Job Ad: Director, Organizational Leadership Program

Overview of the Position

Category: Permanent, Part-Time
Location: Remote
Hours: 1 day per week
Salary Range: $13,000


The Director, Organizational Leadership Program is the academic and administrative leader of the Rudolf Steiner College Canada’s (RSCC’s) Organizational Leadership Program and associated activities. The position reports to the Executive Director and works closely with other program directors, the Student Support and Outreach Manager, external stakeholders, RSCC volunteers, and RSCC contractors.

The role has four main functions:

1) Program Design and Optimization

The director leverages expertise in organizational leadership to complete the current program design and perpetually optimizes this design overtime. This includes:

  • Continually improving the program curriculum for all required and optional courses and associated practicum elements
  • Continually improving the clarity of the academic and practical learning objectives for each program element academic and practicum elements
  • Sourcing and approving all course resources, tools, and approaches for both
  • Setting standards required to hire faculty and setting admission standards for students
  • Establishing student performance evaluation and feedback mechanisms, and graduation requirements

Ensures course alignment with opinion leaders and guiding documents of anthroposophical organizational development and the Social Sciences Section of the School for Spiritual Science in Dornach.

2) Oversees Program Operations

  • With the support of the Executive Director, hires program faculty and oversees regular faculty performance reviews
  • Supporting the faculty, especially new hires with on-boarding, mentoring, and support.
  • Develops and sustains good working relationships with the faculty members both individually and as a team, holding quarterly team meetings to engage faculty in perpetual program design improvement discussions
  • With the support of the Executive Director, establishes and monitors all contracts with practicum sites across Canada
  • With the support of the Student Support and Outreach Manager, interviews prospective students and reviews/decides on all student admissions
  • With the support of the Student Support and Outreach Manager, working to ensure student safety and wellbeing, including addressing any complaints or issues arising
  • Working with the Student Support and Outreach Manager to ensure all student records are appropriately maintained
  • Supports the Student Support and Outreach Manager is promoting the programs, including providing content for marketing materials and participating in media outreach (e.g., radio interview)
  • Working with the Executive Director to oversee the financial management of the program, including the annual program budget with a view to ensure the program profitability
  • Supporting the Executive Director with any policies and procedures related to the program that require approval by the board of directors

3) Develop and Support Related Activities

  • Supporting the development and implementation of anthroposophical organizational development adult education courses with the support of the Executive Director and other volunteers
  • Providing occasional Zoom lectures on organizational and leadership development as part of RSCC adult education and cultural outreach initiatives

4) Act as an ambassador of anthroposophical organizational leadership in Canada

  • As time permits, contributing to the understanding and appreciation of anthroposophical organizational leadership through writing, interviews, earned media, and speaking events.


  • Ideally this position will be filled by a practicing or retired leader/manager/director with previous teaching and program leadership experience
  • An expert level knowledge of and commitment to the principles of anthroposophical organizational development as set out in Rudolf Steiner’s social sciences work and related source materials is required
  • Excellent knowledge of organizational and leadership development
  • Commitment to continuous learning and self-reflection as required for a program leader

Additional Notes

  • This can be a remote job position. Travel to RSCC’s Toronto location may be required on an infrequent basis (e.g., twice per year) with all expenses paid by RSCC.
  • The successful applicant will be provided with a computer and internet access
  • The director will have the opportunity to participate in conferences, training courses and purchase reading materials as part of an organized annual learning plan

Application Process

To apply please send a cover letter and resume to James Brian, Executive Director, RSCC to mbak@rscc.ca by May 31, 2023. Interviews will be held in June in person or by Zoom . For more information on RSCC please see www.rscc.ca

Lead image is a detail from a painting by Sharon Ballah. Used here with permission from the artist.