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The current RSCC building pictured above was made possible through a bequest from Kathleen [Kay] Barthelmes to the RSCC and to the Waldorf School Association of Ontario back in 1989-90. Drawing by M. P. Tully.

Announcing Bequests to RSCC and Other Anthroposophical Organizations

The Rudolf Steiner College Canada is delighted to announce several recent bequests. 

Robert McKay is committing $115,000 to three organizations:  $50,000 to the Anthroposophical Society in Canada, $50,000 to the Rudolf Steiner College Canada and $15,000 to the Anthroposophical Foundation of Canada. Mr. McKay notes, “As I am in my 56th year, it may yet be some years before these funds are actually donated. Hopefully, I will be able to increase the size of this bequest over time. At present, I can commit to these amounts. I do know that it is helpful for charitable organizations to be apprised of bequests in advance so they can include these amounts in the planning cycles. I would encourage anyone in the anthroposophical movement who is considering a bequest to notify the relevant organization of their intention. This can also provide an opportunity for the donor to work with the recipient to target the donation to a particular activity or determine how the gift will be acknowledged.”

Grant Davis is committing $50,000 to the Rudolf Steiner College Canada. Mr. Davis notes, “In our increasingly ‘virtualized’ civilization it has become very clear to me that screens are not the way to teach our young children. I am pleased to pledge $50,000 as a legacy gift to support education of Waldorf teachers and to help ensure that our children’s heads, hearts and hands are reached and strengthened. The world needs more Waldorf grads.”

George Ivanoff is committing a portion of his estate to the Rudolf Steiner College Canada and the Trillium Waldorf School. Mr. Ivanoff states, “During my life I have worked for a few anthroposophical initiatives that bring much healing into the world. With my death, I would like to be able to provide these same initiatives with gift money that will help them. To that end I have named the Rudolf Steiner College Canada and my local Waldorf School as two beneficiaries in my will.”

James Brian is committing $25,000 to the Rudolf Steiner College Canada. As Mr. Brian notes, “I have been engaged in anthroposophy for 48 years and have seen its benefit for children, adults, myself and the world. With my bequest, I wish to support the Rudolf Steiner College Canada in its work to bring anthroposophy as a creative, healing force into the world, a force which is needed now more than ever. Anthroposophy is the key to humanity’s future and those of us who know this must help in any way we can. There are many ways to help out, including providing gift money to organizations that are working to bring anthroposophy forward.”

The Rudolf Steiner College Canada is grateful for these contributions and will use the funds to foster cultural renewal across Canada through the transformative resources of anthroposophy, by striving to become an effective, national charity that provides anthroposophical vocational programs, cultural outreach programs, and anthroposophically-informed social services. 

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