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Friend Links

Arscura School for Living Art offers painting courses based in anthroposophy. Arscura faculty also teach at RSCC.

Douglas Cardinal Foundation for Indigenous Waldorf Education. The Foundation sponsors indigenous teachers to study Waldorf education and funds on-site Waldorf training for indigenous communities.

Essential Waldorf offers a wide range of online courses in anthroposophy and various aspects of Waldorf education primarily for teachers. Produced by Eugene Schwartz and friends.

Eurythmy Canada is a website about events of interest related to the art of eurythmy on the Canadian scene. The site is maintained by Reg Down who also teaches eurythmy at RSCC.

Glencolton Farms has offered programs in cooperation with the RSCC and is part of the local anthroposophical community in spite of being located two hours away.

Hesperus Village is an anthroposophically-inspired seniors’ residence located on the same campus as the RSCC. Hesperus has shared their dining facilities with the RSCC during the Summer Festival.

Mercurius Canada is an ongoing sponsor of the RSCC Summer Festival and the Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Part-time program. Mercurius supplies art materials, main lesson books, and other classroom essentials, to Waldorf schools across Canada.

New Adult Learning Movement (NALM), is a network of people who are seeking change within themselves and the world through learning processes based on sevenfoldness.  The NALM processes were developed by Coenraad van Houten, author of Awakening the Will, Practising Destiny LearningThe Threefold Nature of Destiny Learning, and Creative Spiritual Research.  (www.nalm.net). 

Paper Pipet Bookstore is located on the same campus as RSCC and sells Waldorf-related books, as well as craft and art supplies. The Paper Pipet also offers a discount to RSCC students.

Power for Conscious Living — courses in downtown Toronto, run by RSCC grad Jesse Stewart including Spiritual Bootcamp, Empathy with Nature and much more.

Star Seedlings Family and Childcare Centre in Guelph is an initiative of RSCC and is a prototype for what we hope will be many more Waldorf-based childcare centres across the country.

The Seminary of the Christian Community in North America is located just around the corner from RSCC, and offer some programs jointly with the RSCC. The training of priests is the main work of the seminary but they also offer other general interest courses and conferences open to all. The seminary relocated to Thornhill from Spring Valley New York in 2019.

Toronto Waldorf School shares a campus with RSCC and provides practicum placements and classroom observation opportunities for RSCC Waldorf teacher education students and early childhood Waldorf teacher education students. TWS was the first Waldorf school in Canada, founded in 1968, and offers programs from daycare through grade 12.