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Waldorf Teacher Education

Rudolf Steiner College Canada offers rigorous and inspiring Waldorf Teacher Education Programs designed to meet your professional development objectives. Our programs are experiential and are generously enriched with a host of artistic and craft workshops to engage your head, heart and hands.

The College’s programs have been preparing Waldorf teachers since 1985 and our graduates are now teaching in Waldorf schools on five continents.

We focus on the three pillars of teacher education:

 Child development – deep knowledge of  development at work in body, soul and spirit
 Waldorf pedagogy – broad set of knowledge and embodied skills that a teacher needs to work successfully with children, parents and fellow teachers
• Self development – explored through the arts, crafts and contemplative practices

Our programs prepare students for working in Waldorf classrooms.

These programs do not lead to membership with the College of ECEs or the College of Teachers.

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