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Summer Festival of Arts and Education 2024

WEEK 2 COURSE ADDED (not in first edition of brochure): Child Development, Grades 1 to 5, with Les Black

In this course we will delve into the heart of Waldorf, exploring Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child development in the early grades (1 to 5). Each morning will be an immersion into grade-appropriate guidance for teaching the children in one of the first five grades. After the morning break, the course will include an open discussion of concerns and experiences with teaching present-day children from the grade being focussed on that day. Suggested readings for this course include Steiner’s lecture cycles on “The Education of the Child”, “Discussions with Teachers” and “Foundations of Human Experience”.

Course descriptions and presenter bios can be found in the brochure. Use link below to view or download pdf copy of brochure.

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