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Professional Devlopment for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers

Birth-to-Three Part-Time

The first three years of life are the most critical. The child is totally open towards the world and trust it without filters. They are totally dependent on what and who comes to meet them. Care for these children requires specific training. Research shows that harm done during these foundational years makes a lasting impression. Designing a program that fosters the understanding of these essential needs and develops teachers who are striving to be worthy of this work is our goal. 

Our one-year, part-time certificate program is designed for lead early childhood educators and assistants working with children from birth-to-three. This includes childcare providers in centres or home-based care, childcare supervisors/directors, and educators who facilitate parent and child classes or prenatal classes. Graduates of this program have the option of joining year two of our birth-to-seven certificate program. 


Summer 2022

Week I Sunday, June 19 to Friday, June 24

Week II Monday, June 27 to Friday Jul 1

Week III Monday, Jul 4 to Jul 8

Fall and Spring Dates to be announced

Prerequisites for Admission 

  • Currently practicing teachers may apply
  • Foundation in anthroposophy certificate of course completion
  • Completion of preparatory reading list
  • Computer skills and Internet access

Program Overview

Summer Term: 16 day intensive, Fall Term: 6 day intensive, Spring Term: 6 day intensive 

This program consists of 305 hours which includes Foundation Studies, five intensive weeks of on-campus classes, assignments and independent projects between terms, guided individual study sessions and group lab demonstrations. In addition, students are required to complete an extensive practicum or internship which takes place in recognized Waldorf nursery, childcare or parent and child classrooms.  


On completion of all course requirements, Rudolf Steiner College Canada issues a Certificate of Course Completion in Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education Birth-to-Three. In the fall of 2019 WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) established criteria for a recognized birth-to-three certificate. We are in the process of applying for this recognition. Our intention is for our current cohort to meet these requirements.

Program Highlights 

  • Anthroposophical understanding of the development of the human being from birth to adulthood based on the research of Rudolf Steiner and other contemporary sources  
  • Emphasis on the developmental needs of the child from pre-birth to three with insights into how these years lay the foundation for later development 
  • Development of the inner life of the teacher through biography work, artistic activities, singing, movement, study of the festivals and meditative practice 
  • Creating a nurturing environment for the child’s life forces to offset the impact of the modern milieu in such areas as nutrition, lifestyle, and media exposure  
  • Domestic, artistic, and practical activities in the classroom  
  • Building a strong collaborative community life, working with parents and colleagues  
  • Classroom management and working with the will of the child
  • The Pikler Institute’s research and practice in caregiving and healthy attachment
  • Guided independent study, child observation, assigned reading, and individual research 

Individual Study Sessions, Lab Workshops, and Check-ins 

Due to the low residency of our program we make sure to connect with our students through individual course sessions and group lab workshops. Each student has an experienced teacher to guide them. These additional sessions help the students to deepen their understanding of the essentials and identify ways of applying what is learned into their programs. On-site lab workshops demonstrate living examples of how bodily care of the child, practical activities, the creation of an environment that supports unhindered movement can be incorporated into their own programs. Our directors meet with each student once a term and offer additional support as needed.

Practicums and Internship

Under the guidance of the director each student creates a plan to meet these requirements.  Currently practicing in-service teachers require a total of three weeks observation and practicum. Pre-service students require a total of five weeks observation and practicum. Full details describing how these requirements are met are included under the course content. All students may complete some of their required practicum and observations after completion of the course work. 

Curriculum and Course Content 

Anthroposophical Studies and Human Development  

75 Hours*

Anthroposophical understanding of the human being  

Evolution of consciousness  

Karma, destiny and biography work 

Path of inner development of the adult/educator  

Life and work of Rudolf Steiner  

Child Development

65 Hours  

Child development pre-birth to 21 


First three years in the context of a whole lifetime  


Development of movement, speech and thinking 

Understanding the role of the will 


Importance of healthy attachment as a foundation for relationships


The Pikler Institute research and practice in infant and toddler motor development and care


Sensory development with emphasis on the foundational senses  

Supporting self-directed movement as a primary learning experience for infants, toddlers and nursery ages

Importance of free play in connection with imitation and rhythm 

Integration of the primal reflexes 

Sleep, health and nutrition  

Child observation and study  

Individual study sessions 


Practical and Artistic Activities 

Creating programs for infants, toddlers, nursery and parent and child 

Rhythm of the day, week and year  

The young child’s relationship to festivals and celebrations  

Indoor and outdoor environments for young children  

Purposeful work, including daily life activities and care of the environment 

Speech and gesture, verses, finger games

Simple stories and puppetry  

Singing, music and mood of the fifth  

Working with mixed-age groups  

Bodily care of the young child  

Gardening and working in nature

Hygienic and therapeutic approaches  

Lab workshops 


  68 Hours

Professional and Social Aspects of Waldorf Education        

Outreach and advocacy for children

Working with parents

Working with colleagues

Working with diversity and inclusion

Basic knowledge of program administration, organization and social transformation  


  26 Hours

Art, Handwork and Movement for Self Development 


  65 Hours 

Painting and drawing 

Handwork and crafts 

Instrumental Music 





Individual Research Papers and Presentations

Introduction to research topics and methods

Topic approval and draft feedback 

Research paper presentation in Year II  

6 Hours 

                                                                                        305 Total Hours **

*These courses are part of our Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Encounter 108 hrs or Distance 100 hrs 

**Does not include assignments, preparatory reading and practice teaching  

Click Here for Application Form

Complete the form and submit it with $100 CAD non-refundable application fee. Click here for Tuition Fees.

Financial Assistance

Vidar Foundation Tuition Loan

Vidar will offer limited, no-interest loans to students to cover tuition and other expenses associated with becoming a Waldorf teacher or Waldorf early childhood teacher through RSCC.

Loans will be secured through community co-signers (‘loan guarantors’) and will be repayable over a five-year period following graduation.

As a gift from supporters of the VTLP who wish to help you succeed and teach at a Waldorf School, 10% of your loan will be forgiven after each year of full-time teaching at a Canadian Waldorf School, to a maximum of 3 years and 30% of tuition in the 5 years after graduation.

Application Procedure

Click on link below to download the file:

Vidar Foundation Tuition Loan Program Info

Vidar Foundation Tuition Loan Program Application Form

Contact the director of your RSCC program (grades or early childhood) to apply.


Karen Weyler, Director of Early Childhood Teacher Education, is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with 25 years of experience as a Waldorf early childhood teacher, including kindergarten, nursery, parent-and-child classes, home childcare operator, and licensed childcare centre supervisor. She was a founder of the Trillium Waldorf School and of the Star Seedlings Family and Childcare Centre in Guelph. As a teacher educator, she has taught in Canada as well as in China, Nepal and Vietnam. As a true thought leader in the field, she brings deep knowledge of child development and an abiding passion for ensuring children are met with warmth and wisdom through their early years.

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