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Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Part Time Grades

Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Part-Time

RSCC’s part-time Waldorf Teacher Education Program is designed for those already teaching in a Waldorf school who want to deepen their knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy while working towards becoming a fully qualified Waldorf teacher.

Course Schedule

Year 1

  • Summer: 3 weeks beginning on Sunday in July
  • Autumn and Spring: 11 Individual Mentoring Sessions
  • Assignments

Year 2

  • Summer: 3 weeks beginning on Sunday in July
  • Autumn and Spring: 11 Individual Mentoring Sessions 
  • 2 onsite classroom observations 
  • Assignments
  • Research Project

Year 3

  • Summer: 3 weeks beginning on Sunday in July
  • Presentation of research project
  • Graduation

Mentoring and Observation

Individual mentoring is a key element in our Waldorf professional development program. Each RSCC student teacher is assigned an experienced Waldorf teacher as a professional mentor. Your mentor will be available (by phone and/or in-person) for regular mentoring sessions throughout the training. In addition, the mentor will come for a yearly
mentor/observation visit at the Waldorf school where you are teaching to provide consultation, support and feedback. Where observation at your school is not possible, other Waldorf teaching practice will need to be arranged by the student teacher.


Rudolf Steiner College Canada is recognized as a full-member teacher education institute of AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools North America). Graduates will receive a Waldorf Teacher Certificate.

Prerequisites for Admission

  • Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Certificate (distance program available through RSCC)
  • Currently a practising teaching in a Waldorf school (letter from employer required). If you are teaching in a non-Waldorf context, you are responsible to make arrangements to teach in a Waldorf school with an experienced and trained Waldorf teacher for a minimum of two weeks each year.
  • Veteran teachers may apply for a customized program.


Year 1: $5,700

Year 2: $5,700

Year 3: $1,600

Click here for Application Form and $100 Non-Refundable Application Fee Payment


Financial Aid

AWSNA Loan/Grant

AWSNA offers financial aid in the form of a loan/grant. The loan is forgiven (becomes a grant) when the graduate completes three years of successful teaching in an AWSNA-recognized school. Click here for details of the program.

AWSNA Loan Application Form

AWSNA offers financial aid in the form of a grant for those teachers currently working in an AWSNA accredited Waldorf school. 

AWSNA Grant Application for Currently Practicing Teachers

Vidar Foundation Tuition Loan

Vidar offers limited, no-interest loans to students to cover tuition and other expenses associated with becoming a Waldorf teacher or Waldorf early childhood teacher through RSCC.

Loans will be secured through community co-signers (‘loan guarantors’) and will be repayable over a five-year period following graduation.

As a gift from supporters of the VTLP who wish to help you succeed and teach at a Waldorf School, 10% of your loan will be forgiven after each year of full-time teaching at a Canadian Waldorf School, to a maximum of 3 years and 30% of tuition in the 5 years after graduation.

Application Procedure

Click on link below to download the file:

Vidar Foundation Tuition Loan Program Info

Vidar Foundation Tuition Loan Program Application Form

Contact the director of your RSCC program (grades or early childhood) to apply.

Applications are due by the end of June. (Applications received after this date may be considered if places are still available.)

Program Director

James Brian has been the executive director and director of teacher education at RSCC since June of 2017. He has completed three diplomas in Waldorf education: a three-year special education degree in Germany (Curative Education Diploma, 1978-82), Waldorf teacher’s certification in Germany (Waldorf Teacher Diploma 1982-83), and a two-year post-graduate diploma in Waldorf School Administration and Community Development (1998-2000). James was active as a Waldorf class and subject teacher for 18 years in Germany and Canada.

Program Faculty

  • James Brian, RSCC
  • Marie France Bertrand, Waldorf education in the public system
  • Patrice Maynard, Director, Waldorf Publications
  • Justin Trombly, Detroit Waldorf School
  • Jessica Gladio, Trillium Waldorf School
  • Phil Hartman, London Waldorf School
  • Margot Amrine, Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor
  • Ariel Masset, Toronto Waldorf School
  • Henry Muth, Trillium Waldorf School
  • Jane Hill, Orchard Valley Waldorf School
  • Les Black, Waldorf Mentor
  • Kati Gabor, Waldorf parenting consultant
  • Fiona Hughes, M.D.
  • Frederick Amrine, Professor, University of Michigan
  • Arlene Thorn, New Adult Learning Movement
  • Yasmeen Mamdani, Waldorf Academy

Program Mentors

  • Flora Seul-Jacklein
  • Yasmeen Mamdani
  • Elyse Pomerantz
  • Carlina Heins
  • Carol Lewis
  • Les Black
  • Anna Gruda
  • Sandra Ghali

Our programs prepare students for working in Waldorf  classrooms.

These programs do not lead to membership with the College of ECEs or the College of Teachers.

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This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.