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Auriel Eurythmy is collaborating with Rudolf Steiner College Canada to offer a unique eurythmy training in Toronto. Auriel Eurythmy offers a set of 20 eurythmy modules over five years to complete a professional eurythmy training in Mexico and Canada. These courses are open to everyone who wants to bring their relationship with anthroposophy into movement, a movement that radiates from the heart, out of love for the spirit, the other, and art.

The first two years are equivalent to the first year of full-time training, and are open all who wish to take a professional training as well as for heart-stream students. Third, fourth and fifth years are full time, but the hours are arranged in a way that allows students to work part-time. The hours of the program are based on the requirements issued by the Section for Performing Arts at the Goetheanum.

The Auriel Eurythmy training is recognized by the Goetheanum as being part of the circle of eurythmy trainings worldwide and participants will be awarded a Goetheanum diploma, personal merit permitting, upon completion.

Originally founded in Alberta Canada, Auriel Eurythmy now offers many of its courses in Mexico City.

Nina Wallace-Ockenden – Eurythmy

Nina’s deepest interest lies in developing ensouled movement to music and language. She loves dramatic expression and strives to create spaces for the sacred as well as for humour.

Nina completed her eurythmy training at the Charis Eurythmy Training in Auburn, California. She complete an artistic 5th year at the Stuttgart Eurythmeum and received her BA in Eurythmy Education through the Den Norske Eurythmihoyskole in Oslo, Norway.

Nina is currently working on her MA in Eurythmy Education through Alanus University, Germany. She is the founding eurythmist of Auriel Eurythmy.

Other Auriel Eurythmy Faculty

Karen Gallagher – Diploma Eurythmy, BA Ed Eurythmy
Sylvia Wend – Diploma Eurythmy

Toronto Modules are at Rudolf Steiner College Canada

9100 Bathurst St. #4, Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 8C7
Phone: 905-764-7570

RSCC shares its campus with the Toronto Waldorf School, Arscura School for Living Art, Hesperus Village, Pegasus anthroposophical medical practice, the Library of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada, the Christian Community church and Seminary for the Christian Community in North America. This allows for a rich community life and places us in daily contact with children and the rhythms of a fully-developed Waldorf school community.

Bringing Spirit into Life

Rudolf Steiner College Canada was founded in 1981, inspired by a question: “What can be done to answer the need for increased spiritual understanding in a world of escalating materialism?”. Since then RSCC has become one of the leading Waldorf teacher education centres in Canada, offering a wide variety of courses and services to support healthy adult learning and the development of the Waldorf school movement across Canada. Supporting the art of eurythmy is one of the most recent projects and concerns of Rudolf Steiner College Canada.

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