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The New Adult Learning (NAL) work has been closely connected with the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto since the Centre’s founding. Here is a quote from the About Us page on the NewAdultLearning.com website:

“NALM, the New Adult Learning Movement, is a network of people who are seeking change within themselves and the world through learning processes based on sevenfoldness. The individual human being is seen as an integrated entity of physical, soul, and spiritual substance and the new key to the evolution of the cosmos.

The NALM processes were developed by Coenraad van Houten, author of Awakening the Will, Practising Destiny LearningThe Threefold Nature of Destiny Learning, and Creative Spiritual Research.  (www.nalm.net). The processes and the three paths of learning he developed are being used by adult educators, personal coaches, mentors, therapists, and community and organizational innovators all over the world.  

It was at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto (RSCT)  (www.rsct.ca) that seeds of the New Adult Learning in Canada were sown by Coenraad van Houten. “After the Michaelmas event in 1979, five of us from the founding group in Toronto went to England (June 1980) to the Centre of Social Development for a four-week course with Coen van Houten on adult education…” (read more)

The NAL work in Canada is currently being carried by Arlene Thorn together with a team of colleagues and presenters. This summer, Arlene, together with Connie White from the London Waldorf School, will be presenting a course on Leading Learning Communities in week three (July 19-23) of the 2021 RSCT Summer Festival.

Arlene has asked that we also share with our community some information about other upcoming NAL course offerings. See posters below for more on those courses.

For the first time this year, there will be a special Connections for Men course offered in the last week of April, in Ontario. See poster at right, read the text in the section below, and click here for more details about Connections for Men.

Here is a Summary of New Adult Learning Offerings for Spring 2021

Conference –  Whitsun & New Adult Learning – Sat., May 15, 2-4  &  6-8, Sun., May 16,  9-11 &  1-3

A Zoom conference that will be nourishing and revitalizing!  “Whitsun”, a book by Fred Benesch, is subtitled ‘Community in the Time of Individualism.’  The forces of individualism live strongly in us and will increase until the 30C. How can we connect to the forces that live within us for community? What is the Whitsun image and how is it an inspiration for the New Adult Learning?  

The New Adult Learning (NAL) offers seven processes that build the capacities for knowledge, self and the world.  Experience a taste of the NAL processes and see how they offer new light and life forces for you and your community. Fee:  $77. There will be short presentations and art exercises. Register at https://newadultlearning.com/new-adult-learning-conference-2/

Easter Intensive – Development of the ‘I’ Consciousness – Zoom – Sun., March 28 – Sat. April 3, 5:00-7:00

Last Easter we followed Part 1 of The Esoteric Path through the First Class Lessons, Sergei Prokofieff.    This Easter we will take up Part II.  This program is for graduates of the New Adult Educator program.  If you wish to join this  intensive, please email newadultlearning@gmail.com for the notes from Part 1. More information at: https://newadultlearning.com/programs/training/new-adult-educator/research-weeks/
To register: https://newadultlearning.com/research-intensives-registration/  

My Home Myself –  Module 3 – The New Culture of Home and the Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker  – Zoom – Saturday Afternoons – April 3 – May 15

Life is being re-ordered by the pandemic. Being at home with the children has been challenging and has been transforming home, family and education as well as us!  What is the new culture of home that is being created? What does being a homemaker mean today and how can we maintain ourself? For more information and to register go to https://newadultlearning.com/programs/personal-development/home-family-community/

“My Home Myself program (Module 1 – Fall 2020) was an anniversary gift to myself and husband, knowing that anytime I engage in Steiner’s work, and those who work with it, my relationship and family is blessed with the DOING that transpires. Creating Home for Body, Soul, and Spirit prompted deep thoughtful dialogue within my home and active positive change.”  – Jessica Rivers, Plattsville, Ontario

Connections for Men – Path 1 – Southern Ontario – On-site – Sat., April 24 – Sun., May 1

A new offering for us….a week for men, at the cottage.  The New Adult Learning was created by the Conraad van Houten who was associated with the NPI, a Netherlands Institute for business consulting.  Coen worked for many years in business which led to his work with 7 Fold Learning. Otto Scharmer, who also worked with the NPI came, through his research at MIT, to a Change Management method based on 7 processes known as the U Theory for learning and management.

Connections Path 1 delves into the 7 processes which are the basis for new knowledge, capacities and forces within the self and one’s life.  The week is at a cottage and the ice may still be on the lake.  There’s lots wood for the fireplace. Take a week to renew, enliven and rebuilt one’s inner fire.  For more information and to register go to https://newadultlearning.com/programs/personal-development/connections/

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