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Recent RSCC early childhood part-time program graduate Maria Hernandez did her project on the days of the week and their connections, resonances and correspondences. For example, each day of the week corresponds to one of the classical planets (including the sun but excluding Pluto, Uranus and Neptune).

Also each day (or planet) connects with a particular archangel, a certain colour, a musical tone, a metal, a species of tree, a variety of grain, an organ in the human body, a particular vowel sound, and a seven-year period of human life. The figure drawings at the bottom of each panel represent the eurythmy gesture for the vowel sound.

These correspondences are not taught to young children but some of them may be used by the teacher in helping subtly support the quality of each day and the rhythm of the week in the Waldorf early childhood experience.

When Maria graduated from the program in March she was working as an assistant in the kindergarten at the Sunrise School of Miami. But this coming autumn she has been asked to take the first grade class. So now, as of July 8th 2024, she is at the RSCC Summer Festival getting ready to take on that new challenge.

These are what she came up with for her project:

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