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Eurythmy movement classes for adults, with music and poetry to strengthen soul forces and bring harmony will take place on Wednesdays from Jan. 25th to March 8th from 5:15 to 6 pm at the Christian Community, 901 Rutherford Rd., Thornhill. Seven classes for $150. To register, email cocoverspoor@me.com

Eurythmy is the new art of movement for our time. It is to bring the complete human being into movement and harmony, where inner and outer movement are one. Eurythmy practice awakens soul forces and aligns our creative life energy. People of all ages and movement ability will benefit from this graceful and soulful movement that will uplift your spirit, awaken your soul and invigorate your body.

Join us for these seven weekly group classes of soul breathing! Relieve stress, enhance creativityflow, create a peaceful mind and a calm centre. We are here “to purify ourselves from all the resistance that prevents us from reaching the highest”. – Hallelujah. www.eurythmy4everyone.com

Once again, to register, email cocoverspoor@me.com