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A Eurythmy Course in French is being offered at Trille des Bois school in Vanier, near Ottawa. Trille des Bois is a French-language Waldorf-inspired school in the public system with more than 500 students.

About Trille des Bois School

On the school’s website, they say this about their Waldorf connection: “À l’école élémentaire publique Trille des Bois, nous préparons les enfants à devenir des citoyens créatifs et engagés dans une ambiance chaleureuse, respectueuse et dans un monde imagé. La pédagogie différenciée d’inspiration Steiner-Waldorf offerte à notre école favorise la croissance physique, émotionnelle, et intellectuelle de chacun en respectant son unicité. Le rythme de son développement y est pris en considération tout comme le rythme de la nature et des saisons.”

Google translate translates that as: “At Trille des Bois public elementary school, we prepare children to become creative and engaged citizens in a warm, respectful atmosphere and in a colorful world. The differentiated Steiner-Waldorf-inspired pedagogy offered at our school promotes the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of each person while respecting their uniqueness. The pace of its development is taken into consideration, as is the rhythm of nature and the seasons.”

From all I’ve heard I think it’s fair to say that while other such initiatives have come and gone, Trille des Bois has been one of the more successful “public Waldorf-inspired schools” in Canada. RSCC grad Marc Delannoy has taught there, and current RSCC executive director James Brian was for many years a consultant to that school.

Full details of the eurythmy course are available below in French as a scrollable and downloadable pdf file: