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Waldorf Teacher Education is Our Main Thing

Everything that we do and offer at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto (RSCT) is focused around Waldorf teacher education and Waldorf teacher development. What’s more, the RSCT continues to offer one of the few remaining full-time Waldorf teacher education programs in North America.

So if becoming a Waldorf teacher is part of what you would like to see in your future, take a few minutes to check out the Waldorf Teacher Education Programs offered at the RSCT in Toronto. Within the RSCT’s full-time teacher-education offerings, there are two streams, one for class teaching (grades 1 though 8) and the other for early childhood.

We should also mention that there are part-time programs for both of these career paths as well, offered by the RSCT, but in this newsletter we will be focusing on the unique full-time program offerings in both these specialties.

Good News for Career Changers

As of Sept. 2020 the RSCT was granted Private Career College (PCC) status by the Province of Ontario. What this means for students entering the Waldorf Teacher Education Grades Program is that they no longer need to have had any prior teaching experience to enroll in the program. 

Early Childhood Program and the PCC

Although we are currently in an application process to have the early childhood full-time program included under the Private Career College umbrella, as of April 5th 2021 we have not yet received that approval. Until we are granted that approval, applicants to our full-time EC program, Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers, will need to provide documentation showing that they have prior paid teaching experience.

For full information on the grades program and the early childhood program, including financial assistance programs, see our website at rsct.ca

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RSCT student teacher presenting to a class during practicum.