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Mt. Lefroy, by Lauren Harris, of the Group of Seven

In search of a Canadian identity in art and driven by a common spiritual yearning, several painters came together in 1920 as The Group of Seven. No discussion of these wonderful artists would be complete without an investigation of Theosophy, the mystical painters of Scandinavia and Russia, Wassily Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art, and the Group’s great Canadian contemporaries Emily Carr and Tom Thomson. Sacred geometry will be included as an artistic activity.

Julian Mulock

Born in England of Canadian parents, Julian Mulock spent his formative years in Waldorf schools in England before moving to Canada. He graduated with honours from the three-year Special Art Course at Central Technical School, Toronto and in 1972 joined the staff of the Royal Ontario Museum as a scientific illustrator before embarking on an independent career as a freelance illustrator, muralist and painter.

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