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H.E.A.R.T. is a self-paced distance mentored program. It is a graduate level, professional development program that provides teachers, therapists and educational specialists with knowledge and practical skills to work in a healing manner with children facing developmental, social/emotional, and learning challenges.

Over the past decades, teachers have met increasing numbers of children who are struggling to meet their developmental stages due to sensory, emotional, and educational challenges both at home and at school.

With remedial support, these students often progress quickly once their underlying needs are met. Without this help, students can carry long-standing difficulties into their adult lives.

The goal of the HEART program is to strengthen, support, and train educators dedicated to helping students work through their challenges.

HEART is based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical picture of the human being, Waldorf child development and educational methodologies, and the adult development of the educator. It develops capacities to observe with understanding, assess with depth of knowledge, and remediate with effective practical techniques.

Learn from Home

Take advantage of this time of restricted travel and gatherings to upgrade your professional qualifications for working with children with challenges. The HEART program can be completed from wherever you are*, with one-on-one mentoring sessions taking place by phone or over Zoom. Students set their own pace for their part-time studies within a maximum time frame of five years. This program is ideal for those who need more flexibility in terms of their personal work and family schedules.

In every classroom around the world there is an increasing need for student support, and an increasing need for teachers who are equipped to meet those needs. As a class teacher of 15 years I felt that I needed a better understanding of how to meet the range of needs in my classroom in a meaningful and effective way. The Healing Education and Remedial Teacher program (HEART) at the Rudolf Steiner Center Toronto (RSCT) is an outstanding program and gives teachers both the understanding and practical tools to support the learning, behavioral and social/emotional needs of students. The dedicated and knowledgeable faculty provide an understanding of child development and remediation through an anthroposophical lens that is applicable for any teacher interested in a deeper perspective of learning support. This program transformed my teaching and as a program alum I am proud to recommend it.” — Sandra Ghali, March, 2021,Calgary, Alberta 

Click here for full details on the program:rsct.ca/heart-program

The Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto is an AWSNA-recognized centre for Waldorf teacher education in the province of Ontario, in Canada. The RSCT offers one of the few remaining full-time Waldorf teacher education programs in North America. AWSNA is the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

* While it is possible for a student to complete the course from wherever they are ( e.g., their home), it is preferable if students can work with an Extra Lesson practitioner in their area, in-person, to complete some aspects of their practicum requirements during part three of the course.  

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