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What is the HEART Program

Over the past decades, teachers have met increasing numbers of children who are struggling to meet their developmental stages due to sensory, emotional, and educational challenges both at home and at school.

With remedial support, these students often progress quickly once their underlying needs are met. Without this help, students can carry long standing difficulties into their adult lives.

The goal of the HEART program is to strengthen, support, and train educators dedicated to helping students work through their challenges.

HEART is a graduate level, professional development program that provides teachers, therapists and educational specialists with knowledge and practical skills to work in a healing manner with children facing developmental, social/emotional, and learning challenges.

HEART is based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical picture of the human being, Waldorf child development and educational methodologies, and the adult development of the educator. It develops capacities to observe with understanding, assess with depth of knowledge, and remediate with effective practical technique.

Tuition Assistance Available for Canadians taking HEART

Dear Canadian Waldorf Schools,
As the director of the Healing Education And Remedial Training (HEART) program offered through the Rudolf Steiner College Canada, I am reaching out to your respective faculties and boards of trustees to let you know that we currently have funds available for tuition assistance for this program. 

Although we welcome international students, at this time we would like to give preference to qualifying Canadian applicants to our HEART program with an offer of tuition assistance. 
As you are well aware, there has been a substantial increase in the number of children with developmental and learning/behavioural/emotional challenges in our schools,  most noticeably during these post-pandemic years.  Trained Extra Lesson practitioners in our Waldorf schools can help to meet this need. 

While several of our students have covered the full tuition on their own, some of our students have had their HEART program fees supported by the Waldorf school where they are employed. 

If your school is able to contribute to the HEART fees along with available tuition assistance, a successful applicant could only need to give time and efforts to their HEART studies. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity for any of your eligible faculty, I would be happy to speak with you. Please indicate your interest before April 1st. 
Further information about the HEART program can be found here.

Arlene Kamo,

HEART Director, RSCC