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Learning to make needle-felted figures is part of the part-time early childhood program

If your destiny has led you to first get involved in working at a Waldorf school before completing a Waldorf training, then a part-time Waldorf teacher education program like those offered at RSCC may be for you.

The Part-Time Early Childhood Teacher Program

Students in the early childhood part-time program learning how to dye silk
Graduates of the Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers Part-Time program, class of 2024.

Starts this June 16th
• 2 year, Birth-to-Seven
• 1 year, Birth-to-Three
• Enrollment every other year – if you do not enroll now, next cohort will begin in June 2026
Program Includes:
• 16-day in-person summer intensive
• 6-day in-person fall intensive
• 6-day in-person spring intensive
• independent projects
• guided study sessions, group lab demos, and more.

Enrollment now open. Learn more:

Birth-to-Seven Two-Year

Birth-to-Three One-Year

The Part-Time Grades Teacher Program

Practicing chalkboard drawing techniques, July 2023
Graduates of the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Grades Part-Time program, July 2023

Starts July 8th
Program includes:
• Designated summer festival courses in-person over three years in July
• Eleven mentoring sessions
• Independent study and research projects
• Participation in Waldorf Development Conference in November, and more.

Enrollment now open. Learn more.

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Distance

Entrance to Rudolf Steiner College Canada Thornhill campus

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy is a prerequisite for both grades and early childhood part-time programs, and can be taken concurrently. It is offered in two formats:

1. Start anytime, from anywhere, with Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Distance. Learn at your own pace with 32 one-on-one mentoring sessions over phone, Skype or Zoom, with independent study in between. If you are enrolling in the part-time teacher education program now, there is still time to enroll in Foundation Studies Distance. Learn more.

2. Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Encounter features in-person classes in Thornhill (Saturday mornings), Guelph (Monday evenings) and sometimes in other centres. Sept. to May. Learn more