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Guelph Today story and photo by Taylor Pace reprinted by permission from Guelph Today:

A Guelph teacher is touched after receiving the prestigious Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award on Thursday. 

Henry Muth, a Grade 6 teacher at Trillium Waldorf School, was nominated for the award by former student Maya Linsley, who he taught from grades one to eight. 

“Mr. Muth taught us every single day for eight years, basically every subject under the sun. We used to joke the only thing (he) can’t do is dance and French,” she said. “He’s definitely the most influential role model in my life, aside from my parents.” 

In fact, she said he was kind of like a second dad. 

“I can’t overstate the influence that teachers like Mr. Muth have on students like me. I’m not the only one that has benefitted from his superb mentorship and guidance and just overall support in every area of my life,” she said while presenting Muth the award. 

“So as I present this award today, it’s not just on behalf of myself, but all my former classmates,” she said. “We all feel the same. You haven’t just changed our lives, but you helped us co-create our lives and guided us into the ability to make our own way through the world.” 

Linsley, 22, received the Loran Scholarship in 2020 – Canada’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate award, valued at $100,000. It’s granted to young Canadians who demonstrate strong character, service in the community and leadership potential. 

Recipients receive a four-year university scholarship as well as mentorship and a summer internship program.

As Linsley is graduating from her four years at the University of Victoria, the Loran Foundation asked her to nominate a teacher who positively impacted her for the LTBL award, which recognizes teachers who have been integral to developing young leaders. 

She wanted to nominate him because while she’s had a lot of good teachers over the years, none were as “fundamentally influential” to her. 

“I just feel like the basic decisions I make day to day and the values that drive me, you can trace it back to Mr. Muth.”  

Muth taught her to always have a firm handshake and put her whole heart into everything she does, to stay grounded and always do her best. He also fostered a love of learning and exploring knowledge, she said. 

Simply put, as a teacher, he was “the best.” 

Muth said Linsley was always an enthusiastic student who brought a lot of joy to his class. 

“It was wonderful – a great eight years.” 

Muth said he was shocked to win the award. 

“It was quite moving. I’m just processing it right now,” he said. “I feel really privileged to be recognized like this.” 

The pair have kept in touch over the years, and even met for coffee just last week. But the award was a surprise – one Linsley has been holding onto for four years, since she knew if she won she would nominate him. 

“Mr. Muth is not only my teacher, but a real mentor that I continue to look up to,” she said. 

Here is a link to the original story from Guelph Today, May 10th, 2024.

From the Comment Section:

Anne Holman commented: “A well deserved award. Henry is an amazing person in other aspects of the community as well- amazing versatile musician ( especially bagpipes and recorder and vocal)- family- church- woodworking and more. It’s wonderful to acknowledge his contributions.”

That’s the end of the Guelph Today story, but we thought it would be worth adding a few pictures from Henry’s time at Rudolf Steiner College Canada (formerly Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto), from his graduation from the full-time teacher education program in 2008, and from the course he taught at the RSCC Summer Festival of Arts and Education in 2023:


Henry Muth teaching Geography and Maps with blackboard drawing at the 2023 RSCC Summer Festival
Henry Muth giving a student some pointers on her blackboard drawing, Summer Festival 2023
Henry Muth (second from left and wearing a kilt) with his teacher education graduating class in May 2008
Henry Muth (left) playing alto recorder during his graduation ceremony, May 2008, at the then Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto
Henry Muth (left) singing with his fellow RSCT teacher education graduates, May 2008

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