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Merwin Lewis introduces a friend in his course, Journey Through the Grades, at the Summer Festival.

As co-founder of the London Waldorf School (LWS), Merwin Lewis has educated children and helped train a generation of teachers. He is currently the supplementary main lesson teacher and the pedagogical chair at London Waldorf School. He has been a board member of LWS for thirty-three years. He has a master’s degree in music (M.L.S.) from Indiana University and is a composer, poet and playwright. He is a past board member and present Foundation Studies mentor for RSCC.

Course Description

Teachers are planters of seeds. To carry out this task is to be the heart and soul of Waldorf education. In this course Merwin will speak out of his extensive experience to give the essentials of Waldorf education, including the stages of child development and how they are met by the curriculum. Topics such as meditation for teachers and storytelling will be covered.  Participants will come to a deep understanding of what the task of teaching requires of us and ways of finding the courage to undertake it.

Comments about Merwin Lewis and Journey Through the Grades:

“Merwin was a wonderful inspiration and a source of knowledge, wisdom and insight. He demonstrated what it means to be a Waldorf teacher in a very accessible way.”

“I most appreciated the diversity. I also appreciate how much we have accomplished. The highlight is that I have come to believe I have some creativity in me.”

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