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Julianna Margulies, star actor in TV shows like ER and The Good Wife, has just published a memoir that details the challenges of her early life growing up with a mom whose focus was perhaps more on studying anthroposophy at Emerson College, pursuing relationships, and learning to be a eurythmist, than on providing a stable home life for her three girls.

It’s fascinating to read Julianna’s perspective on growing up in Waldorf communities like Forest Row, Spring Valley, and High Mowing and to see how she managed, in spite of having to put up with her mother’s ever-changing relationships, to eventually forge her own successful career, becoming a top-tier actor in the highly competitive medium of television. Juliana’s childhood also featured a Waldorf education at schools like Michael Hall in England, Green Meadow in Spring Valley and High Mowing in New Hampshire.

Julianna’s memoir, “Sunshine Girl”, is well written and a quick, easy, read. it is entertaining, thrilling, and exciting to follow the life she makes for herself. And it’s great to have yet another example of how the Waldorf impulse is alive and working in the wider world.

Fun Fact: Julianna’s mother, Francesca Margulies currently lives in the Great Barrington area of Massachusetts where she is in an anthroposophical study group with Debbie McAlister’s mother, Dolores, who is also a eurythmist,and, like Francesca, a colourful individual. Debbie McAlister is a former Early Childhood teacher at Toronto Waldorf School who now lives at Hesperus Village in Thornhill, Ontario.

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