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There’s just two weeks left to register for this year’s Waldorf Development Conference for teachers featuring Christof Wiechert, the man who quite literally wrote the book on The Art of the Child Study, and who is coming all the way to Canada from Switzerland to share his experience and wisdom at this event.In addition to the two keynote presentations at this conference from Christof Wiechert, two local Waldorf teachers will characterize two children and Christof will lead child studies on these children. So participants will share in two actual child studies carried out under Christof’s experienced direction. This year’s conference will be in a hybrid format to accommodate both in-person and online participation, so your geographic location need be no obstacle to taking part.  

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Please help us get the word out about this event by printing out the poster and putting it up at your local school or community. Thank you. HERE’S THE LINK:

From Christof’s Book:

“During this picture-forming phase, as listeners we can observe something remarkable in ourselves. We listen to the accounts and descriptions of the child, trying to meet all that is said without any personal predilection or opinion. We try to listen so attentively and tangibly that we can feel our way right in to the child’s experience.

Even if we manage this, we can still note a slight unease in ourselves: Is what I’m hearing intrinsic and important for the child, or does it have scarcely any significance for him? … For example if a hand or voice or stance are described, this may have have significance that illumines the riddle of the child. But it does not inevitably do so. As the picture-forming process unfolds, a search is therefore underway for something particular and very specific which we will here call “symptomatic”. This quiet inner quest for some key that unlocks our understanding of the child can enormously intensify our interest in what is being said.

It is very helpful in this phase of the study to try to relate all the phenomena to each other. For example: Is the child’s lack of interest in the teaching content in any way related to the fact his hands are always cold?…”

—  from the book: Solving the Riddle of the Child, The Art of the Child Study, by Christof Wiechert

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