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Every year at Michaelmas the full-time Teacher Education class plans a festival with invited guests, usually from the larger RSCC community of friends and supporters. This year, as an additional innovation the invitation list was expanded to include students and teachers from the Seminary of the Christian Community in North America, which is located just 15 minutes walk from RSCC, around the corner on Rutherford Rd.

The Seminary moved here from Spring Valley in 2019, and this year they have a full cohort of about nine students, three from the US, three from communist or former communist countries, and three from South America. Both priests who lead the seminary, Jonah Evans and Patrick Kennedy attended Waldorf schools in California.

This year’s festival included brief introductions from the Teacher Education students, dramatization of a fairy tale, a simple craft everyone could do, dragon bread, hot apple cider and time for informal socializing. Photos are from the festival.

And now that the Seminary term is drawing to a close, the seminary students have invited the RSCC teacher education class and faculty over to the seminary this coming Wednesday November 29th at 11:45 am for a sharing of the seminary students’ work with “the word”, followed by refreshments.

This will take place shortly after Jonah Evans’ Living with Christ group which meets on Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30 in person and online. Recordings of past sessions can be found on YouTube. Jonah is also one of the featured presenters in the RSCC’s Introduction to Anthroposophy online course.


Teacher Education students introduce themselves
Dramatizing a fairy tale
Making leaf-themed Michaelmas decorations
Slicing the dragon bread
Seminary students Danill (from Russia) and Silke (from East Germany via England) talk to RSCC student Hannah (from Canada)
Two seminary students from South America
One of the seminary directors, Jonah Evans, jokes with students.
Seminary director Patrick Kennedy talks with Chandra.