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Small group work at the 2023 RSCC Summer Festival of Arts and Education

We’re adding a new course in week 2 of the Summer Festival of Arts and Education. The course will be on Child Development, Grades 1 to 5, and will be taught by Les Black. Students in the part-time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Grades program will take this course in week two mornings if they are going into grades 1 to 5 or if they are going into grades 6 to 8 they would take the Science for Grades 6 to 8 course. Course description below:

Child Development, Grades 1 to 5 Course Description

In this course we will delve into the heart of Waldorf, exploring Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child development in the early grades (1 to 5). Each morning will be an immersion into grade-appropriate guidance for teaching the children in one of the first five grades. After the morning break, the course will include an open discussion of concerns and experiences with teaching present-day children from the grade being focussed on that day. Suggested readings for this course include Steiner’s lecture cycles on “The Education of the Child”, “Discussions with Teachers” and “Foundations of Human Experience”.

Les Black

Les Black has taken three classes through the 8-year cycle – grades 1 through 8. He was a graduate of the 2nd North American spacial dynamics class. He has worked as an on-site mentor for class teachers (mostly) between 2012 and 2019, in Quebec and in Ontario Waldorf schools. Currently he is teaching various blocks in the full-time teacher education program at RSCC and is the director of Foundation Studies Distance.

For complete info and registration links for the Summer Festival: https://rscc.ca/summerfestival/