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There are several events of anthroposophical interest happening this month and next in the local Thornhill community and in the Zoom world. In this post we will summarize a few such events that we know about.

Polaris Branch Workshop Nov 25th and Talk Nov. 29th

The local Polaris branch of the Anthroposophical Society is planning a workshop with council members from across Canada on Saturday Nov. 25th. This event is part of the Society’s year-long work with the 100th anniversary of the refounding of the Society following the burning of the first Goetheanum. Participation in this event is open to members and friends and anyone connected with or interested in anthroposophy or the anthroposophical movement.

There is also a second event which will be an evening talk Wed. Nov. 29th with Bert Chase, who is General Secretary for the Society in Canada. Bert was also the architect for the new wing (finished in 2011) of Hesperus Village. The photo above shows the recently repainted foyer of that new wing of Hesperus. The lazur painting of the lobby was done recently by visiting artist Charles Andrede.

See event details for both the Nov. 25th and Nov. 29th events below:. Be sure to RSVP if you want to take part. Send in the info requested in the dotted box in the program below in plenty of time as organizers need to know how many meals to order:

Advent Fair Saturday December 2

Another major upcoming local event is the Advent Fair at the Christian Community church, which is located just around the corner, as it were, from RSCC, at 901 Rutherford. Many Waldorf schools have fairs around this time of the year be they winter fairs or Christmas fairs, but the main such event in Thornhill is the Advent Fair Dec 2nd at the Christian Community. Sometimes students from RSCC have come to help with Waldorf-type children’s craft activities and such at this fair. See details for the fair on the poster below:

Threefolding and Artificial Intelligence – a Zoom Series

Next Sunday Nov. 12th will be the second in a series of three Zoom meetings on the subject of Threefolding and AI. This series is sponsored by Mystech, an American group that focuses on the intersection of technology and spirituality. Here’s a bit about the series:

“How might we best navigate these times of fast-paced change in technology and society? Do these increasing disruptions in our time represent an opening to demonstrate the benefits of societal threefolding in facilitating a decent and humane future for all? How might we participate and contribute together? These themes and more will be explored in this special webinar series facilitated and attended by veterans of the technology industry.”

You can read more about the series at: https://threefolding.substack.com/p/threefolding-and-artificial-intelligence

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Sekem Zoom Workshop on Holistic Research

Also coming up soon is a Zoom workshop from Sekem, the anthroposophical community that works towards threefolding, located in Egypt. The topic is Holistic Research. This will be on Monday 27th of November at 7:30 pm CET (Central European Time). They write:

“The spiritual approach was an important part of the creation of the SEKEM Vision Goals (SVGs) that made us move beyond the common framework of thinking. SVGs guide us in innovation, and in order to realize them till 2057, Heliopolis University established research centers and research laboratories that handle all the important topics, from integrative health to sustainable agriculture.

In the realm of holistic science, integrative health takes center stage as it aligns with the fundamental principles of addressing health from a whole-person perspective. Holistic medicine does not just focus on the treatment of a specific illness, but uses a whole-body approach, focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. It acknowledges that individuals are not merely physical beings, but rather complex organisms that are influenced by various factors such as their psychology, social environment, and spirituality.

Biodynamic agriculture is the heart of SEKEM activities. Originally this concept was developed by Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. It was the first of the organic farming movements, which was suggesting that any farm should be treated as a whole living organism. Biodynamic farming practices give the finest circumstances for plants and animals to grow and express themselves fully, just as nature intended. Biodynamic farming produces high quality nutritional food that nourishes not only the body but also the soul and spirit, and that gives a positive effect on human’s mental and emotional state.”

Here’s the Zoom link to join the webinar: