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Early childhood part-time program students work on wet felting their story aprons.

The next opportunity to enroll in this programs after June 16th will be June of 2026. The Birth-to-Seven stream of Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers Part-Time (the program’s full name) runs for two years, and that is why new cohorts start every two years. This program is for teachers or assistants who are currently working in a Waldorf early childhood program.

One-Year, and Two-Year Options

The Birth-to-Three stream of the program is for only one year. However, since the first year is the same for both programs, so you can start in Birth-to-Three and then after your first year, you can decide whether or not you want to continue for a second year and complete the Birth-to-Seven qualification.

Program Includes:
• 16-day in-person summer intensive
• 6-day in-person fall intensive
• 6-day in-person spring intensive
• independent projects
• guided study sessions, group lab demos, and more.

Enrollment now open. Learn more:

Birth-to-Seven Two-Year
Birth-to-Three One-Year

Here we see how the story apron in use, as part of a little puppet show.

Foundation Studies – Encounter or Distance – is a Prerequisite

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, is offered at RSCC as either a one-year Sept. through May encounter program, or as a one-on-one mentored distance-learning format.

The advantage of the Distance program is that you can start anytime from anywhere and proceed at your own pace. However, the in-person Encounter program does offer more of a group artistic experience through activities like eurythmy and painting.

Foundation Studies Encounter is offered in Thornhill on Saturday mornings and in Guelph on Monday evenings. But for those who live farther away, Foundation Studies Distance is the way to go.