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People have long dreamed of the possibility of a local Canadian eurythmy training, so that aspiring eurythmists would have the option of staying in Canada rather than going to Spring Valley or to Europe to study. The partnership between Auriel and RSCC could make that a reality. It all depends on whether there are enough students who want to take part in it.

The eurythmy workshop with RSCC and Auriel eurythmy on March 18-20 attracted some 24 participants, which makes it one of the biggest eurythmy events in Canada since the turn of the century. Twenty of those people stayed for the question and answer session at the end.

Part-Time Eurythmy Training Starts Nov. 8, 2022

The next step is a two-year part-time training which has already been scheduled to take place at RSCC at times when Waldorf schools are not in session. The first module of this part-time program would take place Nov. 8-14, 2022. See below for more dates:

Those two years of part-time study are designed to be equivalent to a first year of full-time eurythmy school study. So after that, we initially thought students would have to go the Auriel eurythmy school in Mexico or to some other eurythmy school to finish their full-time years 3-5. But in conversation with Nina Wallace-Okenden of Auriel Eurythmy during her recent worship at the RSCC, it became clear that people who take that two-year part-time training could in fact complete the remaining full-time years 3-5 of the training here in Canada. That’s assuming there are enough students in the program who want to complete years 3-5 of their training in Canada. 

The group of students would then work out a mutually agreeable schedule for themselves and for the local eurythmy teachers who would be working with Auriel to deliver the program. It wouldn’t have to be usual school hours. The group might choose to do their eurythmy studies on weekends, or on evenings, or compressed into just three days of the week. It can be flexible that way, as long as the program fulfills the number of hours of instruction required by the Goetheanum for a full-time training.

Class teachers may decide to co-teach with a colleague, giving them one day per week in the classroom to be able to dedicate more time to the eurythmy training. 

There would also be an option for some students to complete one or more modules of their training in Mexico if they so choose, while otherwise doing most of their training in Canada. And there would also be a possibility for other local people to join in selected modules, even if they were not working towards completing the full training.

The full part-time training consists of 18 eurythmy modules or courses over five years to complete a professional eurythmy training in Canada in partnership with Rudolf Steiner College Canada. This program offers the possibility of completing a eurythmy training whilst continuing with existing commitments and schedules.

Fees for the Full Five-Year Eurythmy Training

Note that fees listed on the chart above are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

*From the third year on there will also be a charge for the ongoing 3-4 days per week program in addition to the modules. The cost of that depends entirely in the size of the group and the cost of teachers, pianists and room rental. A rough estimate would be another $2000-$3000 CAD per year.

The 10% discount, in the last column of the table above, applies to students who pay the fees for the whole year up front at the start of the year, rather than in installments.

Eurythmy students with prior teaching experience may be given permission to begin teaching some eurythmy classes (1-2 groups per week), beginning in the third year of the training.
The ongoing weekly training hours can be completed with a local eurythmist who participates in the modules and then acts as a mentor and instructor.

Click here to begin the application process with Auriel Eurythmy.

Photos are from the March 18-20 weekend workshop at RSCC with Nina Wallace-Ockenden of Auriel Eurythmy, That’s Nina on the far left in the photo above. She’s also on the right in the second photo down from the start.

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