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You are invited to attend the graduation of newly-qualified Waldorf teachers on Wed. July 20th at 5 pm at the RSCC Thornhill campus. Note that this is a change from the previously announced date.

The program these teachers are graduating from, Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Part-Time Grades, involves attending courses at RSCC Summer Festivals for three weeks for three summers, plus independent work and working with a mentor during the school year. A new cohort starts in this program every year in July. For more info on the program click here.

About the Graduates

The three students who will be graduating this Wednesday July 20th will have completed their first two summers of study entirely online, due to Covid restrictions of the past two years. This year they are happy to be able to be here in person. This year’s part-time graduating Waldorf teachers are: Megan Gruner from Trillium Waldorf School in Guelph Ontario, Baghael Kaur from Halton Waldorf School in Burlington Ontario, and Manuel Arturo Medina Peña from Colegio Waldorf Amanecer in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Where Will the Graduation Take Place?

The part-time Waldorf teacher graduation will take place in the seminar room at the Rudolf Steiner College Canada’s Thornhill campus at 9100 Bathurst Street, Thornhill. Once again, the time is 5 pm on Wednesday July 20th. That’s this Wednesday!

About the Picture

The chalkboard drawing pictured above is from the full-time Waldorf Teacher Education program graduation that took place at the end of May 2022. it was made by the graduating students in that class on the blackboard of the TWS music room where their graduation took place.

Early Childhood Part-Time Programs

RSCC also offers part time professional development programs for early childhood teachers. Click here for details on the two-year part-time Birth-to-Seven program. There is also a one-year Birth-to-Three program. Both these programs take in new students every other year. A new cohort started this past June 2022. The next group will start in June of 2024.