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Last Saturday RSCC student Carlisle Anderson-Frank was one of four young musicians who performed at the closing concert of the local Christian Community Advent Fair, which is a festive annual event not unlike what some Waldorf schools host at this time of year.

Carlisle played a selection of baroque and modern compositions first on alto recorder, then on piano, then on cello, and finally on piano again. Several of his RSCC classmates came out to the Fair to hear him perform. At the start and in between pieces Carlisle entertained with lively banter, at one point comparing families of instruments to animals. He suggested that the strings were like mammals and the woodwinds like birds, and he had some wry observations about Rudolf Steiner’s views on the piano as a musical instrument.

Elisabeth Chomko, who introduced the musicians at the concert, teaches music to the Teacher Education class at RSCC. And when the students heard that she leads a regular Wednesday evening choir for residents at Hesperus Village (where she lives), three of them students made a point of coming out to the choir to sing and accompany. Maybe they’ll be back.

In his program notes, Carlisle wrote that the piano is his wife, the cello is his mistress, but the recorder is his master.

For program notes from the concert see our earlier post.