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“Mystech co-founder Andrew Linnell is a former IT professional who is now focusing on using the insights of anthroposophy to address the challenges of the world of modern technology. I heard him speak in Toronto a few years ago at a conference organized by the downtown branch of the Anthroposophical Society.

I also attended last year’s MysTech conference. Even though it was online it managed to hold my interest over several days of lectures and presentations. Topics included agricultural radionics, UFOs, zero-point energy technology, new modes of music and how the mood of elemental beings in a commercial bakery affects the taste of the bread.

Back at Emerson College in the mid-70s I remember asking John Davy why anthroposophy seemed to only inspire old professions like teaching and farming, and where was the anthroposophical approach to technology and engineering. He suggested I study the character of Strader in the Mystery Dramas. But now finally, forty years later, MysTech is more directly addressing my question. I plan to take part in the 2021 MysTech conference and I encourage you to check it out as well. You can use this link to learn more about the speakers and their topics.” — Richard Chomko

RSCT Grad Sebastian Bilboa to Speak

One of the speakers at the MysTech 2021 conference will be Sebastian Bilbao, a resident of Toronto and an RSCT Foundation Studies graduate, who has worked extensively in motion picture animation and who has also been an enthusiastic advocate for threefolding. Since graduating from RSCT he has continued to further his studies in anthroposophy and threefolding. Sebastian will speaking on “Money, Blockchain, and Monetary Control Technology“. The following is from his conference bio:

“Sebastian is an independent student of Anthroposophy, who focuses his research on Steiner’s Economic Course and The Threefold Social Organism. He collaborates with MysTech’s Lecturer Gopi Krishna Vijaya in establishing Associative Economics in Utah and is also a participant in the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum. Since 2019 he has been convening colleagues from all over the world to work on a financial technology (fintec) implementation of Steiner’s socioeconomic indications.

“His research includes questions such as, “Can Fintech become a Moral Technology? From the financial crash of 2007-8 several financial technologies emerged poised to bring change to the Economic Sphere. These technologies are inherently binary and thus Ahrimanic, as are many other technologies. We will explore if they can be redeemed to evolve the human being.”

From the MysTech Conference Website

MysTech is dedicated to driving positive change for our future by steering the role that technology will play in society and human evolution in the light of spiritual science. The past century has witnessed astonishing advances in technology that have impacted our day-to-day lives, health, and consciousness in profound and unexpected ways.

When we consider the impact of technology in the context of our evolution as both physical and spiritual beings, how might it contribute to our future? Will continued advances in technology be a benefit or a burden for the potential of humankind? How must we respond to modern technological developments in order to shape the future towards the good?

In this conference you will gain new insights about the mysteries of technology from the perspectives of spiritual science through the original research of our distinguished speakers across a broad range of fascinating topics. You will also gain a new appreciation for social three-folding, biodynamics,  eurythmy, and more, and learn how these methods and thought-forms can help us to meet the coming challenges of the modern age.

About MysTech

Our work is devoted to a development that leads to the interpenetration of the moral and the mechanical. Such an development requires an understanding of the human being and the mysteries of technology. It must be aware of its impact on society and upon human evolution. MysTech will examine the impact that human aspirations may have on future technology as it researches the application of resonance and spiritual science for these future machines. We are hoping you might wish to join this important work. 

Technology relieves us of the drudgery of labor whether muscular or mental. It can be used constructively or destructively. As technology emancipates us from labor in various fields, we will come to the question regarding the meaning of our humanity. What does technology, as our creation, tell us about who we are and about the meaning of our lives? Does it show us what we are not? Because humanoids are capable only of an artificial life and artificial soul, does  this help us to better grasp the Living and to cultivate soul warmth? What is this consciousness that we share? Will we, in the future, still be able to experience the difference between an artificial and a real soul?

Technology has evolved from tools that “extended” the physical body from hammers to replacing the horse and ox with combustion engines to today’s robotics and artificial intelligence. What more is coming? How will it become part of human and earthly life? Who will decide if this is good and sustainable? 

Learn more at the MysTech website.

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