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Photo is from Regine’s biography course at last year’s Summer Festival.

In this week-long biography journey we will explore the central meditation that Rudolf Steiner gave us. Though it can be interpreted in many different ways, it is a cornerstone of biography work and lies at the foundation of all we do. How can we let these words inspire us to find new steps forward in our own life and also understand past ones more deeply? This will be one of our aims but there is much more to it. Come and join us in this exploration in 2024, one hundred years after the words were given in Steiner’s last active year of his life. Lots to discover at any age!

Regine Kurek graduated from her biography training with the late Dr. Gurdrun Burkhard in Arlesheim in 1995. She subsequently pioneered training in Canada through Arscura-School for the Exploration and the Development of Art in the Healing and Social Fields. This three-year program was accredited by the ITF (International Trainers Forum) at the Goetheanum where she also became a contributor to the bi-annual WWBC (Worldwide Biography Conference) until 2019. Since then she continues to lead art and biography courses where and when she is invited.

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