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There certainly are a lot of exciting events planned for the second half of October and early November just within the local anthroposophical community. First off we have a Saturday morning workshop with visiting guest teacher Martyn Rawson at RSCC. See summary on poster below, full details and registration: https://rscc.ca/rawson/

Thursday Oct. 19th is the date for the next meeting of the local Polaris Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. While the meeting is for members and friends, friends being a new category of membership in the society, guests are also welcome to come once or twice, to see what the meetings are like. If you would like to come as a guest to one of the meetings, which are held on the third Thursday of each month, please contact Richard Chomko (rchomko@gmail.com).

The photo below is of one of the recent Michaelmas events in which the Polaris Branch took part. The main event on this particular evening was the reading of a voice play about the burning of the Goetheanum. The cloth banners shown in the photo were painted at the That Good May Become festival in Manitoba in August. Polaris branch events are usually held at Hesperus Village, 1 Hesperus Rd, Thornhill (just behind the Toronto Waldorf School).

The very next weekend after Martyn’s workshop, Norwegian author and spiritual researcher Are Thoresen will be giving a Friday night lecture Oct. 20th, followed by a workshop on exploring the elemental worlds on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 21-22. Are’s events will be held in downtown Toronto and are sponsored by Anthroposophy in Toronto. See poster for Are’s events below.

But if you are not going to Are’s workshop you may be interested in something else that’s going on the same day — at noon on Oct. 21 there will be a social event featuring folk dancing to live music, at the Christian Community, 901 Rutherford Rd in Thornhill, just a few blocks from the RSCC campus. See details on poster below.

And the weekend after those events there will be a concert October 28th by Galina Fin, at the Christian Community. See details below.

On November 3-4, RSCC will host a Waldorf Development Conference with Christof Wiechert on the Practice of Good Teaching. See poster below. For full details and online registration go to: https://rscc.ca/waldorf-development-conference/

And not to forget, on Remembrance Day, Nov. 11 at the Christian Community, there will be a Eurythmy performance with the Northern Star Eurythmy Troupe. See details below: