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Students at last year’s Summer Festival veil painting class with Jef Saunders

Veil painting is a water colour technique using almost transparent colours. It begins with no plan or distinct form in mind but rather a flowing journey into the life of the colour. The colours are never mixed on a palette but only one wash at a time over white paper, a previous wash, or a veil that has dried. Slowly the thin almost translucent overlapping layers of pigment begin to mysteriously birth multiple tones and shades of colour. These eventually begin to coalesce into a subtle form that can be either abstract or form a distinct motif which can then be enhanced. This is truly painting out of the colour. Each veil of colour requires flexibility from the artist as the effect changes with every successive wash and the unknown slowly reveals itself – a meditative process that both challenges and refreshes the soul.

Jef Saunders

Jef Saunders is a co-founder of Arscura School for Living Art. For the last 22 years he has taught biography, art and core studies at Arscura. Previously he was a therapeutic artist and biography worker at an anthroposophical medical practice. He particularly likes to teach veil painting as an antidote to the intensive, unrelenting stress of modern life.

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Jef Saunders working with a student at last year’s Summer Festival veil painting class