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Following up on the last four weeks of presentations on becoming a Waldorf teacher from Robert McKay, Karen Weyler, Kathryn Humphrey and James Brian, we are now coming up to the last evening in our series. This last session on Thursday April 27 at 7:00 pm will be a colloquium panel discussion on The Waldorf Experience. The evening will be moderated by RSCC board member Grant Davis. We will be hearing from six different people, each sharing their own personal experiences with Waldorf teaching, learning and parenting.

These are our six panelists:

Elisabeth Chomko, RSCC faculty, TWS faculty, public-school teacher

Glen Adams, TWS parent and board member

Julie Folino, RSCC alumna, TWS faculty and parent

Kayla Clavero, current RSCC student in full-time Waldorf early childhood teacher education

James Brian, RSCC executive director, and director of Waldorf teacher education

Larissa McWhinney, TWS alumni, Waldorf Academy and now TWS parent.

After an initial round of questions for the panelists, we will open the floor for questions from in-person attendees and Zoom participants. Zoom participants should type their questions into the chat. Zoom link can be found here.

In case you missed any of them, here are the videos from the previous four sessions:

James’ main presentation starts about 5 minutes into the video, after some preliminaries: