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You are invited to share in an evening lecture with Luigi Morelli, in downtown Toronto at Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave. See details below and on the poster. Luigi’s lecture is just one of the many fall events being presented by our friends at Anthroposophy in Toronto. See the link to their newsletter at the bottom of this post. Now here’s some more about Luigi’s event:

Public Lecture: True Thinking , True Feeling , True Living  – An Introduction to Anthroposophy  and the Need to Accelerate  Personal and Social Transformation, with Luigi Morelli  

Thursday, October 6,  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Friends House, 60 Lowther Avenue, Toronto 

$20/person or pay what you can 

Intended for a general audience, Luigi will introduce  anthroposophy through an insightful exploration of  everyday experience and current social challenges.  Drawing on insights from his important book, Accelerating Social Change: Impacting Our World  While Transforming Ourselves, Luigi will explain how social change is more than a political statement or  demand; it is a moral and spiritual imperative. 

Some of Luigi Morelli’s books: Karl Julius Schröer and Rudolf  Steiner (2015) , Aristotelians and Platonists: A  Convergence of the Michaelic  Streams in Our Time (2015), J. R. R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield  and the Cosmic Christ (2019) and Abraham Lincoln: a Spiritual  Scientific Portrait (2021)

Luigi is a remarkable person, whose life experience  includes social activism, working with disabled adults,  a deepening study of spiritual science, the application  of spiritual science to current cultural realities and a  wonderful stream of integrative insights.  He is a prolific author whose writings cover diverse  topics, revealing the quest of a true seeker who is full  of love for life and full of hopeful suggestions for a  better future. 

Luigi’s lecture is just one of the many exciting events and programs being planned for the autumn of 2022 by our friends at Anthroposophy in Toronto. For more information, download their newsletter using the link provided below:

Also: Biodynamic and Threefolding Workshop Oct 1, 2

in Rockingham, featuring dairy farmer Edward August and guest speaker Sebastian Bilbao. Download event poster at link below: