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We’re Planning an In-Person Summer Festival This Year

It will be great to welcome you all again to our beautiful campus here in Thornhill which we share with the Toronto Waldorf School. Now of course there is an outside chance we may end up online again depending on Ontario Public Health requirements, but we are very much looking forward to an in-person Summer Festival after those two years on Zoom.

Below you will find a brief overview of courses offered in each of the three weeks. We invite you to download the complete Summer Festival brochure to read up on all the course descriptions and presenter bios. For the online registration link, go to the Summer Festival page on the website.

Quick Summary of Courses

WEEK ONE – July 11-15 – features grade intensives for grades one through seven designed mainly for teachers.

WEEK TWO – July 18-22 – features Indigenous Waldorf or Waldorf Essentials in the morning, and courses on nutrition and biography work in the afternoon. If online learning suits you better, we are offering one online-only course titled “Cave Paintings to Post-Modernism: History of Art and Human Consciousness” with Larry Young in week two.

In WEEK THREE – July 25-29 – you can choose between The Meditative Path of the Waldorf Teacher and Meaningful Movement for Children in the mornings, while in the afternoons it’s Painting in Grades 1-4 or Veil Painting or Felting Fun with Puppets or Biodynamic Gardening.

Detailed course descriptions and presenter bios for all these courses can be found via the Summer Festival page on the RSCC website, where there are links to the full course brochure and the online registration form.

Or you can click here to download the Summer Festival brochure directly.

Summer Festival as part of Part-Time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers – Grades

If you are teaching in a Waldorf school but haven’t yet completed your Waldorf training, why not consider the part-time program for grades teachers offered by RSCC. This program involves attending designated courses at three consecutive Summer Festivals, along with mentoring, independent study, research projects and in-classroom observation. You can begin this program any year in July. Click here for details.

Who Is the Summer Festival for?

The RSCC Summer Festival of Arts and Education courses are open to teachers, parents, administrators, students, seekers, or anyone who is interested. But when it comes to the week-one grade intensives, you should note that these are designed for those who are actively involved in grade-specific Waldorf curriculum or who are interested in working with it, i.e., Waldorf teachers, public school teachers, homeschoolers and Waldorf parents wanting to know the curriculum.

Part-Time Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher Education

Starts June 19 for both Birth-to-Three (1 yr.) and Birth-to-Seven (2 yr.)

Unlike the part-time grades program, the EC part time program is not integrated with the Summer Festival but has its own two-year schedule, meaning that intake is once every two years. 2022 is however, a year in which a new EC part time cohort starts. So if you think part time Waldorf Early Childhood training could be for you, don’t hesitate to contact our new program director Karen Weyler to discuss your situation. The program starts in about a month from now, on June 19th, 2022. You can contact her at kweyler@rscc.ca

Note: Applications are still being accepted for part-time grades and part-time early childhood programs.

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